Blue Eyes Studio is an autobiographical portal of my multimedia art. It is through Blue Eyes Studio that I hope to extend my personal artistic and literary response to the environments and cultural influences I experience. 

Much like a mason jar my intention is to preserve and honor the beauty of nature through my art. The subjects I choose to depict in my drawing-based works of art, are largely mined from the natural environments, which I inhabit. My works of art are painterly in their application of material, however conceptually I am interested in weaving elements of our natural world together within a composition.  The weaving together of different elements of life allows me to introduce a dialogue of relationships. Topographical line work generates anatomical realism in surreal spaces.

Blue Eyes Studio is the mason jar that contains, displays and disperses my concepts and ideas about my art and the culture I am experiencing. It offers a sense of nostalgia and hope, and will surround you in the beauty of nature. I hope that Blue Eyes Studio, will spark thought regarding our dependent relationships with each other and with our natural world. My work thus extends beyond the immediate visual aesthetic to conceptual ideas of how we are interwoven with others, animals and nature. 

Preserve what you love and seek the vision to make change.

Welcome to Blue Eyes Studio!

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